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Skilled, enthusiastic, imaginative educators who can bring out the best in students, responding to different abilities and interests and employing various methodologies including guided discovery, discussions, projects, computer simulations and even whiteboard and pen.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya has a novel approach to schooling and needs a new kind of teacher/administrator. Although they will certainly benefit from training, we subscribe to the idea that first-class teachers are born not made. A style is important. If your style is primarily didactic, 'chalk-and-talk' then Chinmaya is for you.

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Chinmaya is a school where learning takes first place. Chinmaya Vidyalaya employees will always want an answer to the questions 'How am I doing?' and 'How can I do it better?'


An extremely competitive salary and benefits package and work atmosphere with ample training and career growth opportunities.

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border pattern1 - Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Koramangala