swami chinmayananda

We choose our Joys and Sorrows long before we experience them.

Detachment from the worlds of objects is never possible without attaching ourselves to something nobler and divine.

The attitude of egolessness is the secret of unveiling the nobler and the dynamic in us

Our present work may be great. Yet, the important thing is to do is well.

The inward tremors are experienced only when any burning desire has conquered us completly.

swami chinmayananda

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Koramangala

School with a Difference

(Affiliated to CICSE, Delhi, Affl No. KA164/2015)


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Annual Day Celebrations:

Annual day celebrations are a platform to showcase students talents and achievements. They promote a sense of community and pride among students, parents, and teachers. These events often include performances, skits, dances, and awards, highlighting the diverse talents within the school.

Performing Arts

Activities such as dance, music, and street plays encourage students to express themselves creatively. They build confidence in public performance, develop artistic skills, and promote cultural exchange.

Debates & Essay Competitions

Inter-school debates and essay competitions develop students critical thinking, research, and communication skills. These events encourage students to voice their opinions on important topics and engage in healthy intellectual discussions.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Many co-curricular activities, like group performances and projects, require students to work together as a team. This cultivates teamwork, cooperation, and effective communication skills.

Personal Growth

Participating in co-curricular activities challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. This fosters personal growth, resilience, and a willingness to take on new challenges.

Promotion of School Spirit

Inter-house competitions and events build a sense of unity and healthy competition among students. This promotes school spirit and a strong sense of belonging within the school community.

By emphasizing co-curricular activities like those mentioned, our school creates a well-rounded educational environment that nurtures not only academic excellence but also personal growth, cultural appreciation, and a sense of community. These activities contribute to creating a dynamic and enriching school experience for students, preparing them for success in various aspects of life.


Pujya Gurudev always believed in “ Catching them Young”. It is during childhood that everyone has to pick the right ‘samskars’. It is with this idea that the forum of Chinmaya Vidyalaya was mooted.

Chinmaya Mission’s Balvihar program is geared to helping children channelize their abundant energy and exuberant enthusiasm in the right direction. The purpose of Chinmaya Balvihar is not just to impart religious education, but to help the children develop self-confidence in their own identity, so they can relate with ease to any person of situation. This is accomplished by:

  • Building a strong foundation by imparting the fundamentals of Sanatana Dharma.
  • Introducing them to the richness and diversity of Bharatheeya culture.
  • Inculcating values, morals, and ethics as described in our scriptures through stories.


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